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Contract Watch, experts in cost reduction, have been in business now for over 15 years, reducing costs for companies large and small, in areas of overhead expenses. After our initial meeting to establish areas for investigation, we return to audit agreed expenditure areas and collect the requisite information, from this information Contract Watch will provide a profile of your purchasing and other specifications, and after investigation, provide you with a detailed report advising of the 岲ent market rateﶥr a number of alternative suppliers and advise on how cost savings can be achieved, based on the information supplied from the market place.

Contract Watch started looking at ways to save money for clients when it was recognised that your Suppliers very rarely, if ever, come back to you and advise that, after review, they are reducing their charges to you.

Any company who is looking at ways to save money want a partnership with an organisation that can prove, in a demonstrable way, how savings can be achieved on a continual basis. Contract Watch look at routine spends and present savings that few organisations are unable to dedicate resource and time to investigate. We have the expertise, time, knowledge and contacts.

Expenditure Areas

Contract Watch have auditing and cost saving experience in the following Crucial areas of expense:

  • Telecommunications
  • Hotels/Travel
  • Utilities
  • Credit Card Merchanting Services
  • Transport/freight/carriage 㡭e day courier
  • Hygiene/Janitorial chemical/cleaning contracts
  • Stationery/Printing
  • Office Products (equipment)
  • Security Systems
  • IT hardware / software
  • Waste Disposal/Recycling
  • Business Rates
  • Packaging (cardboard / timber, etc.)
  • Plant Hire
  • Factory Consumables
  • Fuel
  • Banking
  • Maintenance Contracts (hardware / software / industrial equipment)
  • In the fifteen years we have been in business, we have covered many and varied areas for our clients that are specific to the industry in which operate, but there are many more areas which we have covered but which are specific to the client. We are constantly looking at new areas of investigation.

    The Current Market Rate

    Contract Watch can establish the 岲ent market rateᮤ produce the evidence to demonstrate how the current market rate is constantly moving and changing and it is with this information we can comfortably renegotiate with your suppliers to achieve cost reductions. We are skilled negotiators and even the smallest of our clients benefit from the kind of contract negotiations normally enjoyed by larger companies

    We have developed a two-pronged approach to help our clients and one is the quick wins to get better value for your money and two to look at your internal purchasing methods and assist in the training of purchasing staff to review and pursue 3/6 monthly savings in areas where even more savings can be achieved, and in so doing, making sure that your company is paying somewhere near the 襠current market rate毲 any product or service your company buys.

    Whether your purchasing is widely distributed or contained in one department, costs should be constantly monitored and Contract Watch can provide this service in a discreet and confidential way, ensuring that your current supplier relationships are totally controlled by you, the client. Contract Watch merely produce the evidence that you are paying ﲥ than the current market rateࠔhis evidence is a powerful tool in the cost reducing negotiation with suppliers.

    Part of the Contract Watch service is to vet current suppliers of which there may be several for one particular area of purchase, and narrow down the choice to a healthy competitive number, from which your Buyers can choose to concentrate and save time as well as money.

    Many companies now recognise the need for the Contract Watch type of service as a way of introducing budgeted savings and the symbiosis of new ways of improved purchasing methods. When a company decides to use this method of improving the purchasing activity it is with three main criteria in mind;
    1) Savings on products/services 2) Consolidation of your supplier base 3) Six monthly/yearly reviews of Supplier costs.

    At Contract Watch, we understand that for many companies, the supply of goods is not necessarily price driven and that quality of product and service is the main criteria demanded of your suppliers. Contract Watch do not necessarily ask that you move from your current suppliers nor do we contact your current suppliers during our investigations.

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